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Village Overview

The Village is home to multiple neighborhoods surrounding the Hawk Pointe golf course.


Existing Features


AHawk Pointe Golf Course

  • 26,000 sq ft Clubhouse

  • Pool

  • Tennis Courts

B. Green Technology Water Treatment Plant

C. The Reserve at Hawk Pointe 120 Units

D. ShopRite Village Supermarket 70,000 sq ft

E. Solar Farm

F. Mixed Retail 15,000 sq ft

G. Medical Arts Building 25,000 sq ft

H. Townhomes

I. Townhomes

J. Townhomes

K.  Retail/Commercial Area, 26 Apartments

Proposed Feature

  1. Residential Area (79 Single Family Homes) 

  2. Residential Area (85 Townhomes & 90 Apartments) 

  3. Commercial Area (7000 Square Feet) 

  4. Retail/Commercial Area (25,000 Square Feet) 
    Residential (30 Apartments) 

  5. Retail/Commercial Area (20,000 Square Feet) 

  6. Residential (Harrier Lane)   

  7. Residential Area (Sharp Shinned Court) 
    Lodging Area (30 Lodging Units) 

  8. Assisted Living/Memory Care/Retail (80-90 Units) 

  9. Residential Area (Sparrowhawk Street)

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